Jose Padilla signs to International Feel / Returns to Cafe Del Mar

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I think it’s fair to say that Balearic is a feeling – and Jose Padilla embodies that feeling.

Marking his 40th anniversary as a DJ, Jose’s sunset sets continue to influence generation after generation and today comes the announcement of his return to Cafe Del Mar after 15 years and his signing to International Feel (who are, of course, the most Balearic of all Record Labels !). His new single ‘Solito’ will be released in July 2014, split over two 180g vinyl’s, with additional mixes from Bubble Club and Wolf Muller and there’s an album coming in Spring 2015.

“International Feel fly the flag for balearic music in the right way. They’re Balearic from the beginning and it reflects on the label. They have substance.” Jose Padilla

Jose Padilla is the Godfather of Balearic Chill­out. He has sold six million albums and inspired everyone from Madonna (who selected his Café Del Mar compilations as her ideal desert island listening) to Bestival’s Rob Da Bank and Andrew Weatherall. He’s in demand as a DJ all over the world, bringing his trademark selections of widescreen electronica, gorgeous house music and dubbed out ambient to a new generation of devotees.

We played from 11pm to 6am so we had to play different styles or repeat the tracks. We had to keep the crowd going whatever we had. That’s my roots. Even today I still do that. I can’t do a set of two hours at the same tempo. Impossible! Even if you lock me in a room and beat me. That’s where Balearic came from.” Jose Padilla

He moved to Ibiza in 1976 and started DJing in San Antonio, making tapes of his sets and selling them at Es Cana market. On the first day he sold out in an hour. On the second day, he sold sixty tapes. By the late 1980s he was living in a house next door to the Café Del Mar and selling 500 tapes a day. In 1991 Café Del Mar asked him to step out of his house and into their DJ booth, where he played until 1999 in front of a hand­made sign saying ‘TAPES’. Secret Life Music will be collecting and digitising all of Padilla’s iconic tapes, the perfect resolving chord that heralds the start of a new Balearic summer.



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