My name is Mark Barrott.  I run International Feel Recordings and live in Ibiza.  International Feel has been releasing Vinyl (and CD’s / Digital) for over 4 years, originally starting out in Uruguay.

We’ve worked with DJ Harvey, Daniel Baldelli, Todd Terje, Quiet Village and many others and I have contributed releases under the names Rocha, Young Gentlemen’s Adventure Society, Boys from Patagonia, Flights of Fancy and Bepu N’Gali.

You can find more info on International Feel by clicking on the Facebook and Soundcloud icons at the top of the page.

Since moving to Ibiza I’ve been working on the ‘Sketches from an Island’ series of recordings under my own name and this site is focused on that series, general stuff that interests me on a day to day basis and Balearic Music / Culture.

‘Sketches from an Island’ takes it’s influences from the music that came together to form early Balearic Chillout music.  When Jose Padilla started selling tapes in Las Dalias (the Hippy Market near San Carlos), even before he started DJ’ing at the Cafe Del Mar, certain styles of music existed in isolation (Eno, Vollenweider, Compass Point, Steve Reich, Tangerine Dream, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, New Age, World Music etc.) and Jose contextualised all these styles through his tapes and Sunset DJ Sets into the music now known as Chillout.  ‘Sketches’ takes it’s references from all these varied musical forms and aims to contextualise it’s own version of what I think Balearic sounds like.

Thanks for taking the time to look around and I hope you find at least one thing on here that excites you as much as it did me, when I was creating it.